Litauisk film: Milijonieriaus palikimas

Bilde fra 'Milijonieriaus palikimas '


Henter forestillinger

Tadas Vidmantas, screenwriter and director of the comedies Trys milijonai eurų and Pats sau milijonierius makes us laugh again.

In his sincerely funny comedy Milijonieriaus palikimas, the villager Kęstas (Giedrius Savickas) and his brother Vincas (Audrius Bružas), who appeared unexpectedly, inherit five million dollars each.

An uncle from America leaves more than just a pile of money. In order to receive the inheritance, Kęstas and Vincas have to complete a series of strange tasks. In order for them to be fulfilled properly, Kęstas and Vincas will be looked after by the kind-hearted notary's daughter Justė (Dovilė Kundrotaitė). And the tasks are stranger than the other: the boys will not only have to organize their uncle's funeral, but also steal apples, sell potatoes, climb into a cow's pancake, and do a bunch of other impossible things. How will they succeed in realizing what their uncle dreamed up when he was dying? Will they be able to take the millions? Or will they become real brothers?

No subtitles.

Aldersgrense: N-13